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Aloe Guest Hip Chair

Aloe Guest Hip Chair

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healtHcentric Guest Hip Chairs are designed to meet the needs of orthopedic patients. With a seat height of 24.5″, the design allows a hip flexion of less than 90° while assisting the patient to sit and stand with minimal stress on the hip joints. The built in foot bar supports the patient getting in and out of the chair, and provides a place to rest their feet. The foot bar has a durable non-slip IC+ coating. healtHcentric Guest Hip Chairs are made with high resilient foam offering exceptional comfort and firm support, meeting the ergonomic requirements.

  • 2 seat sizes – 21″ and 24″
  • Seat and back covers available for additional cleaning ease and protection
  • The Aloe exposed back bracket design allows the backrest to be completely sealed when upholstered in IC+ and is ideal for areas where infection control and clean-ability are essential
  • Wall saver frame is standard

Weight Capacity:

  • 21″ Hip Chair is rated to 350 lbs.
  • 24″ Hip Chairs is rated to 500 lbs.

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