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Alternative Chair Guide- Switch it up!

Alternative Chair Guide- Switch it up!

Sitting for long hours on your office chair can have negative effects on your body. It is recommended to move around and take breaks during your work day. Alternative chairs can provide great support and different posture allowing a break from your office chair.

These are few alternative chairs that can be beneficial to incorporate in their life:

Kneeling chairs

Kneeling chairs are great as alternate chairs because they provide various benefits. One of the benefits is back pain relief. With more room for the hips the chair forces hips to be directly connected to the lower back muscles. This further allows for the hips and spines to expand and instant relief can be felt in the lower back area. The other benefit is the improved posture. With kneeling chairs, the spinal column is properly aligned as soon as you sit down. You will be conscious of your posture as there is no backrest to cause slouching. As kneeling chairs are alternate chair, they should only be used for a few hours and not a full 8 hour workday.

Ball Chair

Ball chairs are not only fun to sit on but they also are great alternate chairs. Sitting on a ball chair forces you to engage your core muscles and balance with increases core stability. There are numerous advantages such as reduce back pain, injury prevention etc. An exercise ball causes you to change your position often to balance. For example, if you turn 45 degrees to face the phone, your body will assume a new position. Alternating between your traditional chair and balance ball chair which will give more support to your lumbar spine and keep you sitting straight all day.

Hag Capisco

HÅG Capisco by Flokk is inspired by a horseback rider’s posture. It combines the benefits of a saddle seat and backrest with options of sitting three ways. This encourages you to vary your position. Front ways, back ways or sideways, whatever feels most comfortable next and ensures enough movement is allowed through your work day. With a variety of options such as different seat shape, footrings, casters, this chair can be customised and offer a great ergonomic solution.

Core Chair

Core Chair has a unique design and allows to move in all directions up to 14 degrees with an adjustable resistance feature. The seat is aggressively sculpted to embrace sit bones and provide pressure point relief, prevent sliding, and deliver luxurious comfort. The seat cushion works in conjunction with the pelvic support, to stabilize the pelvis, optimize sitting posture, and reduce back pain. With CoreChair, you can sit happy and pain-free.


Uniquely designed Spinalis chairs offer movable seat and backrest, and changes the way you sit at your desk. The chairs encourage the involvement of all torso muscles, which leads to the strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles. They also reinforce deep stabilizing muscles. The stabilization of deep spinal muscles is all about strengthening muscles that stabilize the spine during all movements that we make. It plays an important role in protecting our spine against various loads and stress.

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