Canadian Government

Chairlines supplies and installs products from the following manufacturers Federal Government Service Agreements.

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sup-global-new The Global Group - Government Standing Products Founded with the basic objective of manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices. Global offers a very broad range of office products and services designed to meet the needs of today's changing workplace.
sup-ergocentric-logo ergoCentric Supply Arrangement Using sound ergonomic principles, ergoCentric seating is designed to support the increasing diversity of today's workforce. Excellence in quality, leading ergonomic function and modular design are foremost in the creation of every chair.
sup-nightingale-logo Nightingale Supply Arrangement Since 1928, Nightingale has provided the world with innovative seating solutions. While much has changed over the past 80 years in the design and function of seating, our commitment to comfort, quality and innovation has always remained a constant. Many of our current seating products are patented and or design registered, and clearly demonstrate our commitment to the future of office seating.
sup-hs-logo Human Scale Government SA Humanscale has built a solid reputation—and amassed an impressive trophy collection—as a design and innovation leader. Their mission is to develop high-performance ergonomic office tools that solve functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible, allowing users to adjust work tools to how they actually work, and not the other way around.
sup-ise-new ISE Canadian Federal Government SA ISE brings to market innovative products that are at the leading edge of technology for the workplace. ISE pioneered the first fully adjustable office chair and the first fully adjustable keyboard arm and platform, and supported its client's as these products quickly became mainstream requirements for every worker.

*Note: Federal Government has just renegotiated their Seating Agreement, many of the manufacturers’ websites are in the process of being updated. Please contact CHAIRLINES for current information.  

Provincial Government

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