How much does an ergonomic chair usually cost?

Usually a chair that is fully adjustable (seat angle, back angle, seat depth and height, adjustable arms, and tilt) will cost between $500 - $1100. This really depends on the company that manufactures the chair and the features that you choose to include. A more expensive chair does not necessarily mean that it is a better chair. Choosing a chair is highly based on individual need and circumstances.

What makes a chair ergonomic?

An ergonomic chair is a chair that is fully adjustable to the user's body. At Chairlines, we carry a large selection of chairs in different shapes and sizes, these chairs can also be fully adjusted to fit the user. Examples of adjustments on an ergonomic chair are: back and seat height, back and seat angle, and seat depth (to allow for users of different heights to maintain an ergonomically correct seating position). Other adjustments such as arm adjustments, adjustable lumbar support, chair rocking, head and/or neck supports may be important depending on the user's needs.

What should I look for when choosing a chair?

The selection of an ergonomic chair is a crucial step in preventing the pain and health problems associated with sitting for long hours. The selection of the correct chair can sometimes be a difficult decision if you aren't sure where to start. We want to help take the guess work out of ergonomic chair fittings, and welcome you to come to our Vancouver showroom for a free chair fitting! Our ergonomic experts will help to show you different options that fit your body, and your budget. You can check out our Choosing a Chair Guide for more information.

Is there a chair for specific body injuries or ailments?

Unfortunately, there are no chairs made to solve specific body ailments or sufferings due to work or accident related injuries. The best solution is to try to sit in an ergonomically correct position while working in a chair that fits your body type and needs.

What is the benefit of a headrest?

Headrests or neck rests can be beneficial if the user feels that they need extra neck support while working in their chair. They are usually used when the user is on the phone, taking a break from work or engaged in conversation. Typically headrests are not used while typing/mousing as they require the user to be in a more vertical position however, it is up to the user to determine support needs.

Should I get a high back or medium back chair?

The benefits of a high back chair over a low or medium back chair are very similar to the benefit of neck or head support. Some taller users may find that a high back chair provides a fuller support for a taller torso, while others prefer a shorter back height for more freedom around their shoulders. It is a personal preference that should be made when trying out chairs in our showroom.

What is the difference between a multi-tilt and knee-tilt mechanism?

The simple answer is the pivot point for the rocking. The multi-tilt (MT) pivots at the centre of the chair when it rocks, and you need to push off with your feet to activate this rocking. The knee-tilt (KT) pivots from the front of the chair, and is more of a shift of body weight that causes the chair to rock backwards; feet stay more on the floor and the seat dips more at the back. Still confused? Come in to our showroom and ask us! We will sit you in both a multi-tilt chair and a knee-tilt chair and you can feel the difference for yourself.

What are the benefits of using a keyboard tray and mechanism?

A keyboard tray allows the keyboard and mouse to be in a more comfortable and ergonomic position. People who use keyboard trays and mechanisms are able to bring the keyboard towards their torso which eliminates strain and injury caused by over-extension. Using a keyboard at the proper height allows the user to keep wrists and forearms at a straight angle preventing common ailments such as carpel tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Check out our Keyboard Tray guide for more information.

Why should I buy a chair from Chairlines?

Chairlines provides the knowledge and experience in the industry that comes from over 27 years of being in business. Chairlines is a locally owned business, and we have developed lasting relationships with the Occupational Therapy and Ergonomics community in here in Vancouver, and all over British Columbia. We pride ourselves on having extensive product knowledge, taking the time with our customers to do custom chair fittings and discuss all options available. Once your chair is ordered we provide affordable delivery as well as continued product training and support. This unmatched level of service sets us apart. We are the chair experts!

What is the warranty on Chairlines' chairs?

Each manufacturer has different warranties on their chairs, but most chairs carried by Chairlines offer a 10 year warranty on the mechanism and non-moving components, and 3-5 years on the fabric, arm caps, foams etc. We will always fully support our manufacturer's warranties if you purchase a chair from us. So if you ever run into a problem with your chair down the road just give us a call! We will send a technician out to take a look and order you the parts needed to repair your chair, no hassle on your end - we deal with the manufacturer directly. For more information check out our Warranty page, or please ask in store about the warranty on your chosen chair.