Ergonomic Countour unimouse at different angles

Contour Unimouse - Adjusts for you!

Unimouse is a fully adjustable mouse that accommodates all hand sizes. It is recommended for someone suffering from thumb injuries because of its thumb support adjustment.



It can be adjusted from 35 deg to 70 deg to encourage neutral hand posture. For different hand size it is recommended to use it at an angle adjustment of 35deg for small, 55deg for medium and 70deg for large hand size. It is also recommended that you choose a secondary angle to ensure you are always changing your posture and preventing fatigue.



The thumb support can be adjusted in three points:





Available wired and wireless with straightforward steps to connect to your device. Wired version can be connected using the USB cable. Wireless version comes with a USB dongle, easy to connect to your computer. There is an on and off button at the bottom.


Study by Jessica Cappelletto compared productivity measures of 6 popular ergonomic mouse designs, and found that Contour Unimouse as easiest to use, increased productivity and had the lowest moving time perceived accuracy.

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