How to Choose a Keyboard Tray

How to Choose a Keyboard Tray

Things to Consider When Choosing a Keyboard Tray:

*Please note that this is intended as a guideline, if you have specific questions please contact us.


Desk Depth – ensure your desk is at least 23″ deep
Most keyboard track lengths are approximately 22″ in depth. This means that your desk should be at least 23″ or deeper to allow for the keyboard tray to slide completely under your desk when not in use. If your desk is not at least 23″ deep, contact us and we can help find a short track keyboard tray to fit your workspace.

Mechanism Adjustments – height adjustment, side to side pivot and tray tilt
Most of the keyboard mechanisms sold at Chairlines will have the ability to adjust above or below the work surface. This is intended to allow the user to set the keyboard tray to optimal typing position for their height. (Usually with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle) Consider if you need a certain height range of adjustment, or if you are thinking about using your keyboard tray in a sit-to-stand application. Swivel mechanisms can help fit into awkward working positions, and negative or positive tilt options can help position the keyboard tray in positions of optimal typing comfort.

Shape of Workstation – L shaped desks, curved corners
Consider the shape of the desk. ‘L’ shaped desks in which the user wants to work in the corner may require a corner maker, users working on a curved desk may benefit from having a curved keyboard tray. Certain trays are better for shaped desks and allow for easier usage. Looks for keyboard trays that pivot or turn when they are pulled out from underneath the surface of the desk for easier usage.

Ease of Installation – Can your desk support a keyboard system?
Can a keyboard tray be installed on your desk? Look at the material that the desk is made out of, it needs to be solid or pressed wood to support the weight and movement of the keyboard system. Some desks have a front lip or metal runners under the desk which obstruct the movement and function of the keyboard tray.  If you have any concerns about the desk you would like to install a keyboard tray onto, assessment services are available.

Chairlines offers installation on all products we sell. Contact us for an installation quote.

Still have questions?
Most of the keyboard trays and mechanisms listed on our website are on display in our Vancouver showroom. Why not come in and get a feel for how they adjust, and ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have.

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