Ergotron Policy


If the Chairlines Installation Package is purchased, Chairlines will ensure that all Ergotron product is correctly installed, in working order, and the client is satisfied before leaving the installation site.

With the purchase of the Installation Package, Chairlines will also honour 1 year of free labour on all warranty claims. Chairlines will provide warranty support in dealing with Ergotron directly on behalf of our customers. Any client who has chosen to forego the Chairlines installation package and wants to have their Ergotron product delivered in boxes, will have to deal directly with Ergotron for all warranty claims. Please call customer service at 1-800-888-8458

As some Ergotron product needs to be assembled and calibrated for specific monitor tension requirements, our trained technicians will ensure this is done correctly and will readjust tension if needed anytime during the first 30 days. (After this 30 day period, if additional adjustment is required Chairlines can assist for a small service charge.) If the customers choose to install the product themselves, Chairlines will not be responsible for any incorrect installations and any missing hardware must go through Ergotron directly as Chairlines only keeps extra hardware on hand for our installations.

Please be advised that there are no returns once the box has been opened and product installed. Purchasing a Chairlines Installation Package gives our clients peace of mind to know that they are receiving proper service and installation, complete warranty support, and satisfaction with their purchase.

For a quote on a Chairlines Ergotron Installation Package please contact us today!