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Instructional Videos

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Ergotron Workfit-S+ Adjustments

This video goes over the adjustments of Workfit-S+.

Hag Capisco Adjustment Guide

Hag Capisco provides great freedom of movement and here is a video showing its adjustments.

Height Adjustable Table Troubleshooting Guide

If you are wondering how to use the memory setting on your height adjustable table or if you are looking to reset it, here is a troubleshooting video for you.

Humanscale World One Chair Assembly

Assembling the Humanscale World One chair in a minute.

ESI Victory Table Memory Setting

Easily set your preferred heights on ESI Victory height adjustable table.

Ergocentric Upcentric memory settings

With four memory settings, set your preferred heights on upcentric height adjustable table.

Ergotron Neo-Flex Stand

Use Neo Flex to use your laptops ergonomically. With various adjustment options, Neo-flex stand can be set to different heights and angles.

Ergorest Articulating Armrest

Support your arms with ergorest armrest with adjustable height and movement.

Adjust ESI Solution All-Fit Keyboard tray and Mechanism

Use ESI Solution All-Fit Keyboard Mechanism and Tray to achieve full keyboard retraction under a work surface as shallow as 13".

How to change the arms on ergoCentric Chair

This video shows how to change or remove the arms on your ergoCentric chairs. This feature allows you to either remove the arms completely or use different ergoCentric arms on your existing ergoCentric chair.

Ergo Mesh Teck Chair Adjustment

This video shows how to adjust the Ergo Mesh Teck Chair. With simple adjustments and breathable mesh, Ergo Mesh Teck offers a comfortable seating solution.

ergoCentric Multi-Tilt Mechanism Adjustment

This video shows how to adjust the ergoCentric Multi-tilt Chair.

ergoCentric Synchro Glide Mechanism Adjustment

This video shows how to adjust the ergoCentric Synchro Glide Chair and what makes it different than the other mechanisms.

ergoCentric Arm Adjustment

This video shows how to adjust the ergoCentric Height, Swivel and Lateral Adjustable arms. Make sure your shoulders are in a neutral position when sitting and your arms are supported without reaching out for your keyboard and mouse.

How to Adjust Core Chair

This video shows how to adjust the Core Chair.

How to Adjust Spinalis chairs

This video explains the adjustments of Spinalis chairs as well as the correct seating position.

How to Remove the Arms from a Global Chair

This video explains how to remove the arms from a Global chair. Once you remove the pin at the bottom of the arms, you are able to switch the arms, replace the arms with new ones or simply remove them all together.

How to Adjust a Global MT Chair

This video will explain how to adjust a Global Multi-Tilt chair. Chair used in video: Global Tritek.

How to Adjust an ergoCentric 3 in 1 Sit Stand

This video shows you how to adjust the 3 in 1 Sit Stand stool. 

How to Raise the Cylinder on an ergoCentric 3 in 1 Sit/Stand

This video shows how to raise (or lower) the cylinder on the 3 in 1 Sit Stand stool.

How to Adjust a Trackless Keyboard Tray

A trackless keyboard mechanism is a great solution for users who want a keyboard tray, but have a desk with a crossbar or limited space underneath which prevents normal keyboard tracks from being installed.

Adjusting the Houdini Mechanism

Houdini pulls out far enough to work in a corner, but still retracts fully on a short, 17 ¾” track. You can change your keyboard position quickly and easily with ‘Lift and Release’ height adjustment and a soft touch wheel for tilt adjustment.