Warranty and Repair Policy


All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer approval. Chairlines offers their customers warranty support by dealing directly with the manufacturer on the customer’s behalf and providing skilled repair services. Customers are responsible for sending Chairlines all information needed for a warranty claim including model and serial number (commonly found on the bottom of the seat pan of the chair) pictures, and a copy of the original invoice if required. Warranty claims may only be made by the original owner(s) and/or purchaser(s).

Manufacturer warranties vary. Some cover the cost of parts only, others cover the cost of parts and labour. Customer may be subject to paying freight for the part depending on the manufacturer. Chairlines provides free labour on office chairs with warranties for 90 days after the purchase date. Labour is available for kneeling chairs and alternative seating at our hourly charge rate.  The charge rate for labour on repairs is $100.00/hr (with a minimum of $50.00).

Chairlines offers repair services for products we sell. If the product did not have a warranty or if warranty has expired customers can purchase replacement parts (if available) and Chairlines will repair. Charge rate for labour on repairs is $100.00/hr (with a minimum of $50.00). Assessment charge may be applied, please contact us for more information. If a product can not be repaired or if parts are no longer available Chairlines can suggest a replacement product for customer purchase of the closest equivalent.

Please do not bring your chairs to Chairlines for repair. Call or email us the product details and we will facilitate the repair on site.