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Global G1 Series

Global G1 Series

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G1 Ergo Select is expertly designed to fit the human body, the series offers extensive, adjustable features for custom comfort. G1 Ergo Select fits many body shapes, including an extended high back option for taller individuals. Sit, move and work comfortably in G1 Ergo Select.

  • Stocked and Priced in Grade 1 Fusion Fabric
  • Standard: G5 Arms: Lockable, height, and width adjustable. Able to slide backward and forwards, side to side, and rotate inwards and outwards.
  • Multi tilt mechanism
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  • Back:
    • 7331-3 Mid back: 19"w x 22"h
    • 7332-3 High back: 19"w x 24.5"h
    • 7333-3 Extended High back: 19"w x 27"h
  • Seat:
    • Petite seat: 15.25"-20.75"w x 15.75"-18.75"d
    • Standard seat: 16"-21.5"w x 16.5"-19.5"d
    • Generous seat: 17.25"-22.75"w x 17.25"-19.5"d
    • Height range: 16.5"-20.5"

Global Seat Foam: Slab foam is a highly responsive foam that allows the seat/back to return to shape.  It is comfortable, a bit springy, yet supportive.  Global uses soybean-based foam, as opposed to traditional petroleum-based foam.  It is of high quality and less damaging to the environment. 

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Click here for the manufacturer's warranty

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