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Varilite Backrest

Varilite Backrest

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Anyone who sits for periods of time knows what it is like to have back discomfort. Over time, lack of support can lead to muscle aches or worse, deformity. Clients who suffer from moderate to with chronic back pain, as well as anyone who requires additional lumbar support, use the BackRest™ in the car, at work, or during recreational activities. Self-inflating. Lightweight. Compact.

  • Relieves stress and fatigue that causes backache
  • Supports and positions the spine to promote a healthy posture
  • Self-inflates for instant relief, then rolls up small for on the go
  • Provides adjustable firmness for personalized comfort
  • Dimensions: 9” high, 16” wide, 0.5” thick
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, sky blue and lime

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