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Posture Medic

Posture Medic

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Posture Medic for use and wear anywhere. Improve your posture, improve your health. Stabilize: Gently reminds users to make corrections as they begin to relapse into incorrect postures. Users maintain their full range of motion while wearing it. Stretch: Simplifies stretching of pectoral muscles and lats to reduce construction of the thoracic region. Strengthen: Strengthens key muscles such as the deltoids and rhomboids to help create postural support.
  • Immediate Results
  • Easy to Use
  • All ages and abilities
  • Use for rehab or pre-hah
  • 4 sizes, 2 strengths (Original strength is recommended for the majority of individuals, Plus strength is recommended for athletes of those who are regularly engaged in strength training)

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Click here for manufacturer's warranty

Click here for the manufacturer's warranty

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