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Ergo Desk 200N Deskette

Ergo Desk 200N Deskette

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Ergo Desk Deskette (200N) is a stand for reading materials. Maintains the optimal reading distance and position to reduce eye strain. Posture-perfect writing surface. Slanted writing surface reduces neck, upper back and shoulder tension by creating an upright, balanced posture.

  • Perfect for limited space and countertops
  • Computer companion helps organize and prioritize papers
  • Lightweight and portable finish
  • Overall height adjusts from 4½” to 7″, with extender (included) 11″ to 11¾”
  • Angle adjusts two positions from approximately 12 degrees to 22 degrees, with extender 45 degrees to 48 degrees
  • Natural Finish
  • Product Dimensions: 9″ width x 14″ depth

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