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ergoCentric Ergo Ind Scooter Stool

ergoCentric Ergo Ind Scooter Stool

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The Scooter Stool provides stability, comfort and ease of movement in multiple settings such as filing rooms, stock rooms, libraries, factories, offices, and healthcare facilities. With the ability to do work close to ground level, the Scooter Stool reduces back and leg strain.

  • 16″ diameter seat available in fabric, vinyl, or polyurethane
  • 125 mm pneumatic lift height adjustment range of 14.5″ - 19.5″
  • Easy to use ring type height adjustment

Additional lifts available to modify seat height:

  • 80 mm pneumatic lift (13.5” - 16.5”)
  • 100 mm pneumatic lift (14” - 17.5”)
  • 140 mm pneumatic lift (15” - 20.5”)

Note: Polyurethane option discontinued please contact us for availability.

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