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ergoCentric Footrest

ergoCentric Footrest

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The ergoCentric foot flexor footrest is designed to improve health and productivity. The smooth pivoting action, encourages changes in the positions of hips, legs, ankles and lower back muscles which helps reduce static muscle loading and thereby avoids the fatigue that can result from sitting in one position all day long. The Foot Flexor can relieve pressure on veins beneath the thighs and help you sit back against the backrest of your chair. When combined with a proper ergonomic chair, the Foot Flexor helps create an active sitting posture which not only reduces the physical discomfort sitting can cause, but also improves mental alertness.

Built to last, the Foot Flexor has these features: 5/8″ diameter chrome plated steel tube, MDF footplate, tough vinyl non-slip tread, safe indestructible construction, smooth pivoting action and non slip rubber feet that won’t damage the floor. 18″ wide and 11.5″ deep. 4″ high or 6″ high (footplate height).

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