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Right Handed, Wireless/Bluetooth (KOV-GTM-BTD)
Right Handed, Wired (KOV-GTM-R)
Left Handed, Wired (KOV-GTM-L)

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

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The newly redesigned Goldtouch Mouse is based on the shape of the original Goldtouch Mouse, and maintains a similar hand position (24° reduction in pronation) as the original.

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– The concave thumb area is rubberized to provide superior grip and sense of control – The buttons are oversized to provide more muscle options for clicking actions
– The design of this mouse is not a radical departure from conventional mice resulting in a very quick learning curve
– Length: 4.5″ Width: 3.125″, Height: 2″ at the thumb, 1 inch” at the small finger

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