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Ergo-Q Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand

Ergo-Q Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand

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The Ergo-Q is simply the most portable, ingeniously engineered notebook stand available. The Ergo-Q allows 5 different positions, offering over 5″ (12.7 cm) of height adjustment. The Ergo-Q has a patented inline document holder, which conveniently positions documents just below the laptop screen to minimize undue head and neck motion.

  • Ultra mobile, lightweight and effortlessly fits in any notebook case
  • Only 0.4″ (0.9 cm) thick when folded
  • To accommodate different monitor viewing heights there are 5 angled settings ranging from 20° to 50°
  • The lightweight design makes carrying this laptop stand easy with minimal setup time
  • Built-in inline document holder that covers your laptop's keyboard
  • Suitable for laptops or notebooks: up to 17 inches wide for the 220 model
  • Despite the lightweight and simple design the materials are strong, protective, and resistant to slippage, making your laptop workstation sturdy and secure

Part Number: BNEQ-220

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