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Handshoe Mouse

Handshoe Mouse

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The Handshoe Mouse is designed to fit your hand like a glove – no gripping, no pinching, no stretching fingers. The unique shape of the mouse allows your hand and fingers to completely relax while not actively mousing, helping to reduce the risk of RSI.

The design comes in multiple sizes – 4 for the Right Hand and 3 for the Left – which provide full support of the hand, wrist and fingers while actively mousing. The recommended usage for this mouse is on your desk with your forearm fully supported by the desk or arm support of your chair.

Size Options:

  • Extra Small: 3.75″ width x 5.125″ depth
  • Small: 4.5″ width x 5.875″ depth
  • Medium: 4.875″ width x 6.625″ depth
  • Large: 5.375″ width x 7.25″ depth

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