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Wow Mouse Pad

Wow Mouse Pad

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The WowPad by Microthin is an exceptionally thin (0.38 mm) mouse pad made of one single ply of antibacterial, chemically inert polyvinylchloride (PVC). The top is ideally suited to provide a precise tracking surface for optical and laser mice. The patented “sure-grip” bottom securely adheres to any smooth surface. Simply clean the mounting surface, press down firmly and the WowPad is secured to the surface. The mouse pad seamlessly integrates on the worksurface and is easily cleaned to the desired degree, using hot water or even soap, industrial cleaners and disinfectants (for applications where hygiene is a prime concern).

  • Diameter: 8.5” and Thickness: 0.015”
  • Stocked in Black

Click here for manufacturer's warranty

Click here for the manufacturer's warranty

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