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Richelieu 7438 and Waterloo 27" Phenolic Tray (combo)

Richelieu 7438 and Waterloo 27" Phenolic Tray (combo)

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The Richelieu 7438 keyboard arm is the future of keyboard arms. With a sleek design and a low, slim profile, this arm provides maximum adaptability in the modern workplace.

  • 8.88″ adjustment range with 2.38″ above the track and 6.5″ below
  • Tilt and height adjustment controls
  • Height and tilt indicator incorporated together in an intelligently designed dashboard
  • 19″ track length
  • Combo comes with Waterloo Phenolic tray (27.25″ wide x 9.5″ deep) includes 2.5″ removable palm support

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