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Workrite Ascent 3 Sit Stand Desk

Workrite Ascent 3 Sit Stand Desk

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  • Base fits rectangular top widths from 42″ to 78″ wide and 23″ to 30″ deep
  • Digital readout programmable memory switch with 4 memory settings
  • Finish options: environmentally friendly VOC-free dry electrostatic powder coat in silver and black
  • Height range: 24.5″ to 50.1″ including top, 23.3″ to 48.9″ without top
  • Gross load capacity: 2-Leg: 200lbs (including the tabletop)
  • Adjustment speed: 3-Stage: 1.2″ per second
  • 8′ power cord
  • UL recognized controls
  • 5 year warranty

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